7 Essential Travel Tips When Traveling Abroad

Essential Travel Tips
Travel Tips While Traveling Abroad 

Thinking of traveling abroad? International travel can be exciting, even life-changing, but it’s important to plan in advance. Here are our tips for having the best possible experience.

1. Get familiar with the language

You can’t learn a new language in a few weeks, but you can certainly learn a few helpful phrases.  Try to memorize simple questions and courtesies. It will make travel more fun and less frightening, and the locals will appreciate your effort.

2. Figure out the money situation

While you should get some foreign currency from your bank before you leave, it likely won’t keep you going for an entire trip.  Before you go abroad, make sure you have a couple of ways you can purchase things, and book hotels, trips, and transportation online (in case you need to when you’re there).  Ask your bank about charges for pulling money from a foreign ATM, and see if they have any partners in the country you are going to.  Also be sure to get a credit card that won’t charge you extra for foreign transactions.


3. Pack adapters and converters

If the country you’re going to has the same voltage as yours, you will only need an adapter (which adapts plugs to outlets that wouldn’t otherwise physically fit).  If you’re going somewhere with a different voltage, you’ll need a converter as well. It’s also important to note that some products (like straighteners and hairdryers) don’t convert well even with a converter.  Try to see if your hotel has these instead of bringing your own.

4. Bring a few garbage bags

Garbage bags are absolute travel essentials.  They can hold wet clothes and separate your dirty and clean laundry when you pack.

5. Make copies of EVERYTHING

No one wants to think about having their documents and money stolen or lost, but it does happen.  To avoid disaster, make copies of all of your documents (passport, ID cards, credit cards).  This will make it so much easier to file a report, get new documents fast, and cancel any credit or debit cards that were stolen.

6. Pack extra in your carry-on

Everyone knows the dread of getting somewhere and finding out your checked baggage didn’t make it on the plane with you.  To avoid unneeded stress, pack everything you would need for one night in your carry-on.


7. Capture the memories

One of the most important parts of traveling is finding a way to remember it!  Roadlike is a travel app that allows you to check in at each place you go, and capture all your travel moments with precise addresses, photos, videos, and memory notes.  With Roadlike, you won’t have to wonder where a picture was taken, or which restaurant was your favorite in a certain city.

Roadlike app is available on Android and iOS and it’s free to use.


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