6 Simple Differences Between A Travel Blog And A Travel Log

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1. Travel blogs are more in depth than travel logs

Travel bloggers make more in-depth articles about a travel.  They give you a complete description of what the place looks like, many times with photos or even videos of captured moments, it gives you info on the dishes available in that region.  Travel blog tells you more than just what the destination looks like, it also tells you about the experiences during the travel, like if the folks around there were kind or nice people, or if the customer service in a restaurant was on point and so on.  Moreover travel log gives you a brief description and mostly lets you input only your navigations and activity around that area like where you went and what time you went there. Travel log usually can’t be changed once the content has been added.  It’s more like a record taking activity.

2. Travel blogs are online while travel logs are not necessarily online

Travel blogs are entirely done online while a travel log isn’t necessarily done online.  That’s why travel blogs are blogs anyway, because they are Internet based.  They are done for a personal library for the owner or whoever he chooses to give it to.

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3. Travel blogs are public while travel logs are mostly personal

Travel blogs are made for the use of others, people are engaged and can comment on the blog or even share their own stories.  Travel logs are however more personal and are more like a record you keep for yourself of places you checked in, personal moments you had at different places.  Although many people make theirs public, most keep their logs private.

4. You can add pictures to a travel blog while for travel logs you don’t

Well, except when your travel log is customized to accommodate pictures, traditional travel logs don’t give much room for pictures.  You can only share written info about your travel.  Travel blogs give more room to express yourself with pictures, videos and even voice notes.

5. Travel blogs are more expository than travel logs

Travel blogs not only give you room to share your experiences, it also allows you to give expository information about your travel destination like the history of the place, the religions practiced and general lifestyle of the people around there.  So it goes beyond the present experience of the writer at that moment.  Travel logs on the other hand may not be as expository as a travel blog because it is more like a record keeping activity as it focuses on your navigation, things you did there and location bookmarking.

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6. Travel logs are done during the trip while travel blogs can be done after the trip

Since a travel log deals with the record of your present activities and locations, they are usually written during time of travel.  Travel blogs however can be done after the trip as a compilation of records, photos and videos must be done.  They are mostly based on recollection of memories during the trip.

Ultimately, a travel log is usually embedded in a travel blog as records of activities and locations are also shown in a blog.

Roadlike app is available on Android and iOS and it’s free to use.

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