5 Advantages of Quick Tracking Of Every Moment in a Simple App

Of course we make our own moments when going on vacation and visiting places that are new to us – or places that we enjoy so much we keep going back to – but tracking those locations can give us even more to remember, and remind us why we enjoyed the destination so much in the first place! Using Roadlike app to check in and track travel destinations is a great way to create a beautiful virtual storybook of your travels. Here are the top reasons why checking in and tracking your moments amplifies your travel experience!


  1. Never Forget Exactly Where You Went! (Bookmark Your Locations!)

Maybe you love a certain restaurant that you dine in on a location that you want to recommend to friends and family, or return to on your next trip! When you check in to places, you can bookmark the exact address of that restaurant (or hotel, or bar, shopping mall etc). The fact that you are able to save these details means it will be hassle free when telling anyone else about the place, or making a return trip. When you want to remember where you were when you had that great experience and you want to re-live or discuss, simply open it in the app and you can see all of the details you have bookmarked!

  1. Bad Memory? Tracking Helps You to Remember, even Offline! (Works Beautifully Well Even Without Internet.)

Have a bad memory? Don’t worry, the features of Roadlike App makes it possible to check in to locations when you have no available internet connection. This means that if you are traveling to somewhere that is beautiful and exotic, with little or no Wi-Fi, you will still be able to check in to locations so that you can remember these amazing locales. Places that don’t have these connections may be harder to find when you trying to recall them at a later date after you have left and returned home, so check in to track & bookmark your destinations even with no internet connection and have your memories available only a click away.

Roadlike app is available on Android and iOS and it’s free to use.


  1. Remember the Details of Get-Togethers, Never Forget a Name! (Easily Add New Friends, Photos & Videos with Auto Timestamps.)

Screenshots and check-ins allow you to add the people that you were with so you can remember exactly who shared the experiences with you! Maybe you just met some great new friends at that wonderful little Tiki Bar you’re at – check in and add their names so you won’t forget them, or the place! So much excitement (and maybe a few too many cocktails) can cloud our memories a bit, so by taking pictures and checking in preserve those memories (moments) for you so you can enjoy thinking about the lovely time you had and who was there when it was all happening!

If you’re having the best time of your life and you know it’s a moment that you never want to forget – make sure you don’t forget it! You don’t have to write it down or make a memo, we know that takes away from the moment! Of course, you will most likely be taking pictures anyways – use the app to check in with one click and make a picture memory out of it! The app will automatically pull up your location with the exact address, so you don’t need to type anything in.

  1. Click, click, flash! (Take a Photo or Video, We Will Tell You The Location!)

You can also use the app’s ‘use camera’ feature right next to ‘use my location’ – when you take a picture with the app, it can turn into a screenshot with location details listed, so you are creating a virtual storybook! It’s so easy to remember the little things when they’re just a couple of clicks away, and preserved in photo form! So if you’re wondering, down the road, when and where you were when that awesome thing happened that you want to tell everyone about – just pull it up and see the picture, the moment and the place!

  1. Relive your great moments over and over and share them with friends and family! (Build Your Legacy For Others to See!)

After you’ve checked in and tracked your amazing moments of various journeys and you have all of the photos and location details compiled in the app, relive them over and over again! Never forget your vacations and get-togethers, and always have them available to show off right at your fingertips. Play an awesome slideshow, featuring you and your friends (and random locals and tourists) as the stars! Collecting your awesome storybook adventure is super easy when you check in and take pictures, and showing them off (or just remembering them by yourself) is just as easy! Who doesn’t want to keep track of the great places they have traveled to and then watch them play out as a movie later on down the road?


So, let’s just think about that for one more minute! You go on an insanely amazing road trip (or overseas, or…maybe just a weekend getaway)… and you experience things that you never even knew were possible! Check in to those places! Check in with your new friends from other countries, or your old friends who are with you in new countries! Track your destinations and take screenshots whenever possible! A picture is worth a thousand words, and these pictures from your journeys will bring to mind many more when you relive your memories! Screenshots, location tracking & bookmarking, with exact location details …addresses stored so you can return, again and again!

Make your next trip one that can never be forgotten! Bon Voyage!

Roadlike app is available on Android and iOS and it’s free to use.


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